Bringing the best out of people

Spirit has delivered cutting edge resilience and emotional intelligence training, mentoring and coaching to over 2000 people. From global companies to universities to charities the results have been extraordinary, many participants stating that in just a short time they have been able to learn new knowledge and skills that will make a radical difference to their lives, skills that will enable them face change, adversity and challenge with a new, more optimistic perspective.

All services delivered are evidence based, drawing on neuroscience and biopsychsocial research. Learning happens best when it is fun so the focus is on the delivery of engaging and¬†experiential content. ¬†Skills associated with emotion require more than simply the acquisition of new knowledge…new ways of thinking have to be tried out and practiced if they are to endure, and this has to take place in a safe and comfortable environment.


Topics include:

  • Building personal resilience
  • Building team resilience
  • Mentoring skills
  • Introducing a mentoring/coaching culture
  • Stress Management
  • Personality and stress
  • Mental health awareness
  • Self hypnosis

All courses are tailored to the needs of the organisation and can last anything from 2 hours to 3 days (we recently helped develop and deliver an accredited 3-day Building Resilience programme at Masters level for the University of Chichester)


Services include:

  • Strategic support to introduce team or organisation wide practice to build resilience, mentoring or coaching practice
  • Coaching managers, supervisors and those responsible for well-being
  • Identifying and acting on the stress hot buttons in an organisation

Our services draw on our deep understanding of human motivation and behaviour. This enables us to help people:

  • Be engaged, resilient and creative at both home and work
  • Confidently discover, show and grow their talents
  • Motivate staff to learn and try out new ideas, new activities
  • Shift their behaviours to better connect to others
  • Adapt to changing organisations and flourish in even adverse circumstances

Call us now to see how we may be able to help. Tel: 07775 507165