Resilience Training & Coaching 

Resilience improves performance and helps people of all ages cope in a time when we are frequently being told we need to have more, do more, be more. Believing we must always strive for bigger and better in order to be happy is now the number one modern disease. It leads to:

  • low morale, learning capacity, performance and retention issues
  • unhelpful, even damaging behaviours
  • depressive and anxiety related disorders

The treatment for this disease is knowledge that helps achieve control: socially, academically and professionally.

The Resilience Blueprint

By taking some simple steps, developed using an evidence based approach, it is possible to significantly increase resilience and combat feelings of helplessness and lack of control. These steps are described in our “Resilience Blueprint” which includes learning how to:

  • develop an optimistic, growth mindset
  • recognise the relationship between emotions and thoughts and our perception of events
  • resolve conflict with others
  • practice mindfulness to tackle anxiety, stress, exhaustion and depression
  • use visualisation to increase resilience

Each of these techniques are proven to help individuals of all ages develop a more positive approach to life and take control when faced with adversity or challenge.

The Resilience Blueprint can be delivered through one to one coaching, or at fun and practical workshops.

Probably the best training I have had in the 10 years I have been here!”. 

For organisations that have identified low resilience as an issue we can also:  

  • Audit policies, procedures and systems to measure the extent to which they contribute to reduced resilience
  • Produce thought provoking resources
  • Carry out a stress audit, examining sickness absence, employee views, performance issues
  • Develop a plan to address and remove key causes
  • Work with staff to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to increase their resilience
  • Help senior management understand the action to take to increase resilience